“You may have the universe if I may have Italy” -Guiseppe Verdi

Benvenuti! My name is JessProcessed with VSCO with c6 presetica Malatia, and I am a junior at Loyola University Chicago. I am studying psychology with a minor in studio art, and I will be spending the Spring semester of my junior year at Loyola’s John Felice Rome Center. I couldn’t be more excited to spend a semester gallivanting around a city with such a rich history, and I am already anticipating that I’ll add gelato as a main food group in my diet. Click around for info about my travels through Roma – la città eterna, Italy, and Europe.

Final travel stats:

9 countries, 25 cities, 15 planes, 18 trains, 7 coach buses, and an infinite number of public buses and metro rides

Updated May 13, 2017